Under the Health Services Charitable Gifts Act, 2011 (HSCG Act)

The Heath Services Charitable Gifts Board has been established to hold gifts, donations and bequests received by Public Health Entities (PHEs) and to ensure that the gifts, donations and bequests are applied in accordance with donor’s intentions, such as supporting volunteers, medical research, equipment for wards and patient comfort.  Specific intentions should be discussed when making donations.

Funds are invested in accordance with global best practice investment arrangements. Investment and administration costs are  tightly controlled in order to maximize the funding available to the respective PHEs.

Funds are applied:
  • In accordance with donor intentions;
  • After prioritisation of expenditure needs by the PHEs concerned; and
  • In a way that ensures that funding  for programs will be sustained over time.

The Board works with the PHEs to ensure that the processes they apply support these outcomes.

The Board continues the work of its predecessor, the Commissioners of Charitable Funds, which operated under the now repealed Public and Charitable Funds Act, 1935. 

The Board holds funds for the following PHEs: